mardi 30 novembre 2010

Gladiator 3d

This mobile game is developed from a very famous movie Gladiator. There are 2 levels you can play on, slave and gladiator. You have to unlock the second level by finishing the game with each of the characters. You’ll recognise the characters from the film, and they all have different attributes. They guy with the big mace does great damage, but is slow and clunky. The amazon is very quick and others give a balance between speed and attack.

Download Gladiator 3d :

Age of Heroes IV Blood and Twilight

Game Publisher: Nomoc Publishing

Game Developer: Qplaze

Category: Adventure

Download Age of Heroes IV Blood and Twilight :





vendredi 24 septembre 2010

Pes 2010 For Mobiles

PES 2010 For Mobile

With PES 2010, find the latest version of the most authentic football simulation
realistic mobile. Face the biggest European clubs participating in the
Champions League and the brand new Europa League. Immerse yourself in
the heated atmosphere of the official competitions with increased realism and
excitement tenfold!